I needed to practice material indication and rendering on Illustrator and Photoshop. The most difficult thing I could think of rendering was ceramic.

There are 3 elements that I really love about ceramics. First, it always has a warmth that other materials don't have. Even mass produced pieces feel comforting. Second, it has always been an outlet, especially when I did this in high school. I feel like a kid playing with mud. At the same time, learning how to Raku glaze allowed me to set pretty big fires at school! Third, you never know what your piece will look like coming out of the kiln. It's a surprise every time!

I first rendered the 3 stages of clay: wet clay, leather hard clay, and bone dry clay. 

I then rendered Raku glaze. Raku has a lot of different finishes depending on it's treatment. This was the most difficult thing to replicate.

Lastly, I rendered different kitchenware / food safe glazes. I did mass produced, everyday house ware, porcelain, and cone 6 glazed. 

Also mochi because how could I not try that?